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cv writing

one of our favourite things to do: we have extensive experience of producing CVs that help get people to where they need to be. the same approach applies to any of the work we do, we stop, listen and explore in depth who you are, your goals, aspirations and reasons for wanting to find a new job.  by understanding you and what makes you tick, as well as your unique talents, achievements and abilities, we can produce a visually appealing CV that will help you to stand out from the crowd.


we have worked with people in a variety of industries including: health, law, finance, IT, banking, counselling and psychotherapy, care, human resources, training and development as well as lots of people in the creative industries.


prices start at just £50 and vary according to your level of experience. get in touch to find out more

seo writing

this really isn’t rocket science: we are pretty sure that Google and some other agencies want you to think it is, but honestly it isn’t. once you know how, it can be easy to write content for your website, articles and blogs that enhance your chances of being found by all of the major search engines.


there is a technique and series of steps involved in ensuring that your content is arranged and presented in a way that search engines will recognise. we can show you how, or we can do it for you

corporate communications

In our experience, many of the main grievances employees have when working with large organisations is not being informed or kept abreast of developments. when people are in the know, even if being in the know means being the recipient of bad news, they feel better.


we offer extensive experience of producing in house, corporate communications, to include articles for company magazines, intranet pages, newsletters, emails or posters. the key is to work with you to explore and establish the key elements or your message together with your company style and language

copy writing

when it comes to communicating what you do in writing, do you know what you want to say but then stare at a blank screen or piece of paper, unsure of where to start? would it help to know you are not alone? like asking someone who is not an artist to draw, asking someone whose primary role within a business to write content can be quite daunting, and so many of our clients come to us because they know they need to somehow communicate their business message in a way that is clear to their customers, as well as interesting and engaging.


but they are not sure how.


when you partner with us, we will invite you to step out of your day to day environment, and come for an enjoyable, relaxed meeting where we can talk, ask questions and develop ideas. this is the creative process in action: and it is what generates the raw material that we take away and turn into something fancy

blog writing

blogging is a great way to attract and engage your audience, especially if you are prepared to give away good quality information on a regular basis. it can be a challenge to regularly set aside the time to do this, and even more of a challenge to regularly come up with the ideas in the first place to write about.


once we have partnered with you for a while, we will have developed an understanding of you and your business, as well as your tone of voice. with all of this in place, we can look out into your marketplace and identify themes and trends which may be of interest to your audience and generate blog content that you can share on your website, social media pages or in newsletters.


as with SEO writing – any blog we produced for you would be optimised for search engines as part of the process

ghost writing

everyone has a book in them, so the saying goes. it’s probably true, however not everyone has the time, inclination, or in fact the confidence to put pen to paper and get going. In fact, the thought can be pretty scary!


if you are looking to write a book which accompanies your business – for example to boost credibility or to take what you do out to a wider market, then you may wish to talk to us.


we can offer a full project managed solution from writing the book itself, to cover design and artwork, typesetting, proofreading and editing, ISBN application and registration, and liaising with printers


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